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My name is Sarah Pedzinski, and I am @readerofdragons! I’m currently pursuing my PhD at Indiana University Bloomington, where I am also employed as an Associate Instructor of English. My dissertation focuses on Old English dragons as natural creatures. My other research interests include heroics in both Old English and Old Norse literatures, though I also have a soft spot for Shakespeare and Early Middle English literature, specifically Havelok the Dane.

*All the views and translations in this blog are my own, unless otherwise noted!

Classes I teach:

CLLC110 Wretched Worlds: Dystopias in Fiction (self-designed)

Dragonology: A Multidisciplinary Study of the Western Dragon Figure (forthcoming proposal)

English W131 Reading, Writing, & Inquiry: Monster Cultures

English W131: Basic Writing

For more information about my role as an educator, please visit my online teaching portfolio.


PhD in English, Indiana University
Doctoral minor: Medieval Studies

MA in English, Indiana University
Focus: Medieval Literature

BA in English and French, Hanover College
Graduated magna cum laude